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  1. A business is a business, no matter how small.
  2. A fool with a plan can defeat a genius without a plan but a genius with a plan can defeat more than one fool with plans.
  3. A healthy small business owner is better than a sick large business owner.
  4. An ant is a creature that diligently seeks sustenance every day.


  1. Be grateful with your little profit because someone else out there is still struggling without profit.
  2. Being modest doesn't mean being the lowest.
  3. Business is tough but you're tougher.
  4. Business without marketing is like running with your eyes closed.


  1. Consistency can speed up your achievement of being successful.
  2. Control the money or the money will control you.


  1. Do not be afraid to stand for the right thing.
  2. Do not depend on luck to be successful.
  3. Do you feel you are not good enough? That's the trigger for you to strive for a better version of yourself.
  4. Do you want to be successful or do you really really really want to be successful?
  5. Don't do it when your sixth sense tell you it's bad.
  6. Don't let your mind trick you into giving up and becoming the biggest obstacle to success.
  7. Don't lose hope as long as you're still alive.
  8. Don't stop chasing success even if you are insulted as naive, amateur, dumb, noob. A very high desire to succeed can overcome all such insults.
  9. Don't worry about who is going to stop you as long as you don't give up.
  10. Dream about it, think about it, go get it.

  1. Effort is affordable.
  2. Engage the problem to find the solution.
  3. Even if you make a lot of mistakes, it doesn't matter as long as you don't give up on success.
  4. Even if you only make minor changes to your daily routine for success, you are already on the right path to greater success.


Find the opportunity in every situation even in difficulty.


  1. Get more excuses or get more money?
  2. Good idea is nothing without doing it.


Help yourself by helping others, business is about helping others.

  1. I will not give up no matter what kind of obstacles are in front of me because the rewards I will get are too valuable to let go.
  2. If you can't find customers for your products, why don't you find products for yoyr customers?
  3. If you can't get a big target, you should get a small target. Achieve small target is better than not achieve anything.
  4. If you're doing the right thing but everyone seems going against you, remember that a rocket can fly against the gravity.
  5. If your obstacles become large, your desires should be larger.
  6. Improvement is when you stop complaining or making excuses.
  7. It takes many years to build a reputation but a few minutes to ruin it.
  8. It's not easy to succeed and it's not hard to fail.
  9. It's not your fault if you can't be the biggest brand in the world but it's your fault if you don't start anything right now.
  10. If it's too hard for you to learn something new, just focus on doing what you do best.
  11. Implementing your good idea is a part of success.

Less effort = Less profit
More effort = More profit

  1. Make sure your dream is achievable or your dream is just a dream.
  2. More solutions, more customers, more profit.
  3. Motivation requires action.

  1. Negative thinking is self-sabotaging.
  2. Negative-minded people are contagious, if you stick with them you'll get sick.
  3. Never surrender, never give up, get better, get up.
  4. No matter how hard your life is, suicide is not the solution.
  5. Nothing to brag, just a fact.

Old age doesn't matter as long as you can use your brain and your heart.

Push yourself to be the best or you'll be pushed to be the worst.

  1. Self-employed guy does not feel lonely because a lot of time is spent on business in order to get a comfortable life.
  2. Some motivators got different ways of motivating you but one same thing about them is they want to motivate you.
  3. Sometimes it is best that you learn the hard way to be successful.
  4. Sometimes you make the wrong decision in business but it's OK because understanding your failure is part of your success.
  5. Start small and get big!
  6. Stop sabotaging yourself with negative thinking.
  7. Stop wasting your time on haters, your job is to make yourself proven.
  8. Success will come if you're being significant.
  9. Successful people always do things that failed people don't want to do.
  10. Surround yourself with the smartest people.

  1. The earlier you start your business the more time you can experience it.
  2. The right effort does not always result in success, but there is no success without the right effort.
  3. They belittle your ambitions because they're small minded people.
  4. Think about how the people will find your products or services.
  5. Time will never stop for you so don't stop expanding your business.
  6. To find solution of your own problem is to find solution for other people's problems.

  1. Uninstall give up and install motivation.
  2. Upload your effort and download your success.

  1. What time is it now? It's your success time!
  2. When you want to give up, remind yourself of the reward for being successful.
  3. When is the right time to do the right thing? Just do the right thing until you can find the right time.
  4. Work hard on the right thing is good. Work smart on the right thing is better. Work hard and work smart on the right thing is the best
  5. Work hard or work smart? Why not work hard and work smart?

  1. Your best source of learning in business could be from your most unhappy customers.
  2. Your business problems are only temporary.
  3. Your desire for success should be larger than your fear of failure.
  4. Your past is your history. Your present is your glory. Your future is your story