Why You Need OfficeSuite to Work From Home?

Aside from owning a decent cell phone, laptop or personal computer, you need the right software for work at home. Microsof 365 (formerly Office 365) is indeed a good choice but the price is a bit high.

OfficeSuite The All in One Office App
OfficeSuite for WFH.

There is a great Microsoft 365 alternative. It's called OfficeSuite.

OfficeSuite has the familiar desktop interface you know. Therefore you don't need to waste your time on getting used to a new layout. You can start working right away.

OfficeSuite also provide PDF Reader that offers full annotate, protect, fill and sign capabilities as good as anything Adobe Acrobat Reader can offer.

What's in OfficeSuite?

There are 5 apps included in OfficeSuite :

1. Documents

Create and edit text documents with ease.

Add comments
Add comments.

Add comments, accept or reject changes by others and keep track of your progress.

Formatting features
Formatting features.

Rich page, text and paragraph formatting features. You can add headers & footers, footnotes, page numbers and manage their styles with ease.

Use graphic elements
Use graphic elements.

Illustrate complex points by using graphic elements. Tables, charts, shapes and pictures are all easy to work with. Advanced placing and formatting options ensure your documents look professional.

Compatible with Microsoft Office
Compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice formats.

Open, Create and Edit any DOC, DOCX, DOCM, ODT, ODS and ODP document. Use and modify any DOT, DOTX or OTT template file.


Working with advanced spreadsheets is easy on any device.

Illustrate your data with nice charts.

Create and edit over 30 types of charts. You can apply design presets or change the color scheme and layout to get the professional look.

250 functions
Use more than 250 functions.

Whether you’re working on a financial, administrative or statistical analysis, type in your familiar functions and formulas to get to the bottom of the data.

Share comments
Collaborate to get the job done quicker.

Add comments on cells to share with your friend, team or client. Filter, hide or unhide rows and columns to make your sheets easier to read and review.

Compatible with CSV format
Compatible with Microsoft Office and CSV formats.

Open, Create and Edit any XLS, XLSX, XLSM or CSV document. Use and modify XLTS or OTS template files.

3. Slide

Designed to empower creativity and be your loyal assistant while presenting.

Create the ideal presentation to illustrate your ideas.

Use a theme or template, adjust slide sizes or change the layout. The choice is yours and you have plenty to choose from.

Use multimedia elements
Captivate audiences by using multimedia elements.

Show your creativity and complement your data by inserting videos, shapes or a picture from your camera (Available on iOS and Android) or the web.

Present your work with authority and composure.

Set up transitions and animations to underline important points. Use the special Presenter mode to deliver with confidence.

Convert to PDF
Convert to PDF, upload to MobiDrive and access anywhere.

Convert your presentation to a PDF in a few easy steps and upload it to your MobiDrive storage to have it with you everywhere as long as there is internet connectivity.

4. Email

Send & receive emails, manage schedules and keep in touch with your network.

Compose emails
Compose emails.

Fine-tune the text formatting and layout. Yoy can attach your document and finish off by including a custom signature.

Connect accounts
Connect all accounts and have them in one place.

You can easily manage all of your email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, Protonmail, etc in one place.

Organize your Inbox even when you’re offline
Organize your inbox even when you’re offline.

You can keep your inbox neat and organized at all times. Changes made offline will automatically be synced when you go online.

Manage your schedule.

Create events, send invites and merge all your schedules across email accounts in one Calendar so you’re always on top of things.

5. PDF

Opening and annotating PDFs is more reliable than ever.


Collaboration is easy with comments, text highlighting and drawing. Fill forms, then secure them by setting editing permissions.

PDF password
Secure important PDFs with passwords.

You can keep vital or confidential PDFs from prying eyes by placing a password.

PDF signature
Digital signature.

Your PDFs under your control. Use digital signatures, password protection or timestamps to secure the files that matter to you the most.

Convert to Word, Excel or ePub
Convert to Word or Excel or ePub.

You can convert your PDFs to editable Word, Excel and ePub files. Quickly convert PDF documents while fully maintaining their layout and formatting.

6. PDF Extra (optional)

PDF Extra is an advance PDF editor.


PDF Extea read
Easy reading for you.

Page Modes : Regardless if it's your favorite eBook, a small invoice, or a massive annual report, your reading experience can always be finetuned for your comfort. Tweaking the page modes makes all the difference. You can use any of these mode : Single Page, Continuous, Two Pages, Two Pages Continous.

Bookmarks : You can add bookmark so you can continue reading tomorrow or whenever you want

Print : Finetune the way you print. Select specific pages, their orientation, page mode, collation, sizing & number of copies.


PDF Extra edit
Edit text, pictures and elements.

Text : Add, delete or rotate text. Finetune the structure via line spacing or virtual scaling & finish it off by tweaking the text styles, fonts & coloring.

Pictures : Maximize the appeal of your PDF's images. Add, resize, arrange or rotate any local image. You can even insert pictures from the web.

Elements : Adjust your PDF's elements to make it clear and easy to navigate. From shapes, to drawings and everything in between, it's yours to alter.


PDF Extra annotate
PDF Extra annotate.

Comments : Guide your reader's attention & provide vital information in your PDF documents by inserting comments. You can also place Text boxes to provide insights in key areas.

Markup : Illustrate your thoughts with color and creativity. Underline or color vital parts of your PDF for faster reading. Create snapshots of other PDFs with a single click & attach them into your own.

Files & Stamps : You can attach a stamp to signify project status. You can also attach entire files to provide the maximum level of clarity.

Draw : Show your creativity by drawing or inserting shapes & then altering them. Pick your preferred color, line width & opacity to produce vivid & well-presented drawings.


PDF Extra organize.

Pages : Add, delete, reorder or extract pages from your PDF with ease.

Combine : You can combine 50 different PDFs into a single file, one PDF at a time until you have everything you need in one place.

Labels and Bookmarks : Add page labels and bookmarks for important pieces of information to make PDF navigation easier or just to remember where you stopped reading your eBook.

Fill and Sign
PDF Extra Fill and Sign
PDF Extra Fill and Sign.

Signatures : You can use digital signatures by typing, handwriting or even attaching images to sign PDFs.

Fillable Forms : You can fill out the form digitally. Filling in forms digitally could saves you time, stress or having to sit in a packed office with other people.

Stamps : Signify vital document status and details by inserting checkmarks or stamps (Approved, Draft, Final, Void & others) to your PDFs. It will save you a ton of time.

PDF Extra convert
PDF Extra convert.

Word : Need to drastically reconstruct a PDF? Just convert it to editable Word formats and make your edits.

Excel : Want to tweak figures in your PDF? Just convert it to Excel formats to make in-depth calculations. Ensure your words are always backed by cold, hard numbers.

ePub : Few conversions open the door to so many possibilities as the PDF to ePub conversion. Enjoy your favorite eBooks, articles and catalogues with a simple conversion.

PDF Extra protect
Protect the files that matter.

Password : Securing your PDFs with passwords is one of the easiest, yet rock-solid ways of keeping important documents under your control at all times.

Digital Certificates : Encrypting your vital PDFs with digital certificates brings your files' security to a whole new level. Better safe than regret.

Timestamps : When every second counts, placing Timestamps is the most reliable way of authenticating precisely when an action was taken.

PDF Extra Pricing

PDF Extra Personal
PDF Extra Personal
Price : $49.99 / year
✔ Edit pages, text and images.
✔ Fill and Sign with Digital Signature
✔ Convert to Word, excel and ePub
✔ Protect and Encrypt PDFs
✔ 50 GB MobiDrive storage

PDF Extra 2021
PDF Extra 2021

Price : $99.99 One-Time Purchase
✔ Edit pages, text and images
✔ Fill and Sign with Digital Signature
✔ Convert to Word, excel and ePub
✔ Protect and Encrypt PDFs
✔ 5 GB MobiDrive storage

Alternatively you can get PDF Extra by purchasing OfficeSuite Business Extra Plan.

OfficeSuite Plan

There are 5 plans for you to choose. 

1. Personal

OfficeSuite Personal
OfficeSuite Personal

Price : $29.99 user / year

Devices per user : 1 Windows PC and 2 mobile devices.

Apps :

  • Document
  • Sheets
  • Slide
  • Email & Calendar (PC Only)
  • PDF

Storage : 50 GB in MobiDrive

2. Family

OfficeSuite Family
OfficeSuite Family

Price : $49.99 for 6 users / year

Devices per user : 1 Windows PC and 2 mobile devices.

Apps :

  • Document
  • Sheets
  • Slide
  • Email & Calendar (PC Only)
  • PDF

Storage : 50 GB in MobiDrive

3. Home and Business 2021

OfficeSuite Home and Business 2021
OfficeSuite Home & Business 2021

Price : $99.99 per user One-Time Purchase

Devices per user : 1 Windows PC only.

Apps :

  • Document
  • Sheets
  • Slide
  • Email & Calendar
  • PDF

Storage : 5 GB in MobiDrive

Exclusive features :

✔ Licensed for commercial use.

4. Business

OfficeSuite Business
OfficeSuite Business

Price : $3.99 user/month ($47.88 user/year)

Devices per user : 5 Windows PC and 10 mobile devices.

Apps :

  • Document
  • Sheets
  • Slide
  • Email & Calendar (PC Only)
  • PDF

Storage : 50 GB in MobiDrive

Exclusive features :

✔ Licensed for commercial use.

✔ Priority support.

✔ Add & remove users at any time.

5. Business Extra

OfficeSuite Business Extra
OfficeSuite Business Extra

Price : $6.99 user/month ($83.88 user/year)

Devices per user : 5 Windows PC and 10 mobile devices.

Apps :

  • Document
  • Sheets
  • Slide
  • Email & Calendar (PC Only)
  • PDF
  • PDF Extra (PC Only)

Storage : 50 GB in MobiDrive

Exclusive features :

✔ Licensed for commercial use.

✔ Priority support.

✔ Add & remove users at any time.

Why You Need OfficeSuite to Work From Home?

You don't have to worry if your clients are still using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

OfficeSuite got full compatibility with all popular formats including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Txt), Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides & Adobe PDF. It also support common formats like OpenDocument (ODP, ODS, ODT), CSV, RTF and ZIP.

You can use OfficeSuite on any device. It's easy to work and sync your documents on Windows, Android and iOS.

OfficeSuite can be accessed on multiple cloud services. You can access and sync all your files on MobiDrive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon Cloud Drive.

The lowest price for business use :

  • OfficeSuite Business $3.99 per user/month ($47.88 user/year).
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic $5 per user/month ($60 user/year).
  • Google Workspace Business Starter $6 per user/month ($72 user/year).

OfficeSuite is suitable for those who work from home on a low budget. Even if your budget is high, you should use OfficeSuite to save more money.

OfficeSuite System Requirements

  • OfficeSuite for Windows supports Windows 7 or later.
  • OfficeSuite for Android supports Android KitKat 4.4 or later. 
  • OfficeSuite for iOS supports iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


If you purchase OfficeSuite Home & Business 2021, you can avoid the commitment of per month or yearly payment.

Same goes to PDF Extra. If you choose PDF Extra 2021, you only pay once and it's yours for the rest of your life.

Discount code is very limited. If you're being asked about discount or promo code when purchasing any OfficeSuite plan, you can use these code : MOBI5

Finally, if you already have OfficeSuite Home & Business 2021, do not purchase PDF Extra unless you need the premium features of PDF.

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