How To Deal With Envy Towards Other People's Success?

Envy is just like other negative emotions, it’s bad for you and has no value.

Get rid of envy
How to deal with envy towards other people's success?

Envy is the emotion of regarding someone's possessions, status, or good fortune with dissatisfaction, contempt, or covetousness.

It’s better you avoid it as much as possible and move towards feelings of charity, love or joy. You heard me right, envy is the complete opposite of joy.

How to get rid of your envy?

Two effective ways of reducing your envy significantly :

1. Look at other people who are more unfortunate than you

Envy is one of the main sources of suffering. When you envy someone or something that belongs to someone else, you suffer two times: from the envy itself, and from the feeling of helplessness.

You can't help yourself because you can't have what belongs to someone else. But, there is a way out.

If you live in a small house, why don't you look at homeless guys?
At least you have a house to live in. You have a comfortable bed, protected from heavy rain, etc.

If you have a small car, why don't you look at someone who don't have it?
At least you have your own car even it is small. You can drive your own car to anywhere you want.

If you have to walk to school or workplace, why don't you look at someone who can't walk by himself or herself?
At least you have a healthy pair of legs. You can walk, run, jump etc.

If you can't walk, why don't you look at people who not only can’t walk but don’t even have hands?
At least you can use your hand to use phone, laptop, etc.

If you don't have hands and legs, why don't you look at people who got critical diseases that could kill them anytime?
At least you are healthy and still alive.

If you envy someone, think about those who are more unfortunate than you are. There are always such people. It will help you get rid of the feeling of envy and injustice.

2. Realize that everything you want is out there, you just need to go get it

Everything that is good in the world, everything that you want, is already being done by someone else. The only way you can have what they have is to do what they did.

Your job is to figure out what it was and do that thing. The more you learn about something, the easier it will be for you to succeed at it.

Figure out the things that are successful and immerse yourself in them. The further you go, the farther you can go, and the easier it will be to get there.

Don't let the unfairness of others' success get in the way of your own goals. Keep striving and stay positive!

If you are still envying someone, read this content again.