9 Useful Tips if you're driving for Uber, Lyft or Other Rideshare Company

If you drive for Uber, Lyft or other car-sharing service you are an independent contractor rather than an employee. Being an independent contractor means that you're self-employed. You're the boss and the employee.

9 useful tips for driver
9 useful tips for rideshare drivers.

However, if you're driving for Uber in United Kingdom, you're an employee not a self-employed.

9 Useful Tips if you're driving for Uber, Lyft or Other Rideshare Company

In order to make sure you are a successful rideshare driver, it is important that you take your time and prepare carefully. You want to make sure that you will be safe and ready for anything while you drive.

1. Cleanliness

Being able to provide excellent customer service begins before you get into the car. You have to make sure your car is clean.

Wash your car at least once or twice a week. For interior, you should vacuum, clean the windows, wipe down inside door panels and floor mats as well. You can wash your car by yourself or send it to the car wash.

Spray the car with Febreeze or keep a small can of Ozium in glove box if needed.

Some passengers may left traces of dirt, mud, grass in your car so try to make your car look like it just been washed for every rider.

Besides all that, you should make yourself clean too.

2. Maintenance

Before going into driver mode, you must make sure that you have more than half tank of gas. Check your tires once a month and add air if needed.

Routine car maintenance is mandatory in order to keep a car running properly. Generally speaking a car should be serviced every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

Oil changes and air filters are very important parts of engine maintenance. A thorough inspection of all engine, transmission, cooling, brakes, tires and suspension components should also be performed regularly.

However, always refer to the car's manual, dealer or authorized service professional for the particular service and intervals required.

3. Money

Another thing you must have before going into driver mode is money. Make sure you have tens of dollars for your food, drinks, gas, tolls and paid parking lot.

4. Talk

Not all people are talkative so don't talk when your rider don't want to say anything. You can turn on the radio (not too loud) to avoid uncomfortable or awkward feeling between you and your riders along the way on the road.

5. Weather

Always try to keep up with the weather forecast. Try to avoid driving in a bad weather such as heavy rain, snowstorm, flooding, etc.

6. Smartphone

Always make sure your phone is fully charged even though it is plugged in while you're driving. Bring your fully charged powerbank just in case you need it.

7. Price

Do not chase for the high surge pricing or "Prime time" location. By the time you reach there, you'll miss the high surge so don't waste your time and gas.

Just drive and "conquer" your area.

8. Distance

It's up to you but I recommends you to just go for under 100 miles. If you still want to go more than 100 miles, it's your choice.

The longest Uber ride is in 2017 from North Carolina across the country to Los Angeles, California. The distance is 2,256 mile and the journey takes 39 hours!

It's the longest Uber ride in history. The Uber driver is Anthony, he get paid $10,000 from his rider Jimmy Donaldson (even the rate charge from Uber is $5500).

You want to be the next Anthony?

It's up to you.

9. Dashcam

The main reason for installing dashcam in your car is you can have evidence if anything bad happens to you.

3 Channel Dashcam
3-channel dashcam is highly recommended for you

Nowadays almost all Uber, Lyft and other car-sharing drivers have dashcams in their cars. Most of the people would be on their best behavior if they know they're being recorded.

It's rarely happen but if your riders doesn't want to be recorded by the dashcam you installed, give your riders a choice to cancel the ride. If they want to continue riding in your car it means they agree to be recorded.

You should not turn off your dashcam just because they don't want to be recorded because it's for your own safety's sake.

Your dashcam can also be used for capturing funny, weird and interesting moment while you're driving. Those precious moment could be uploaded on Youtube.

If you have more than 1000 subscribers and your videos have been watched more than 4000 hours within the past 12 months, you can monetize your Youtube channel with Google Adsense. You can take advantage of additional income through Youtube.

Take a look at these dashcam

10. Pepper spray (optional)

For your extra safety, you should consider a pepper spray. It's not a must have item but just in case if you're being assaulted especially if you're a woman.

In United Kingdom, it's illegal to have a pepper spray.


Keeping up with the preventive maintenance schedule is essential.

Be mentally positive, always smile (even you wear a mask) and get ready to get a lot of nice riders.

I'm not an Uber driver or any car-sharing driver but I prefer riding in a clean car with a really cool air conditioning.

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