How to Get Rid of Laziness in Business

Firstly we need to know what is lazy and what is not lazy.

Laziness is one of the biggest obstacles to success in business so it's necessary to take measures to stop it.

Get rid of your laziness
Get rid of your laziness.

You’re not lazy if you’re not healthy. Sick people need enough rest to get healthy.

You’re not lazy if you already have 2 or more jobs. It’s really hard to start your own business when you’re busy with more than one job.

Having more than one job means you have little time for yourself. You can’t start your own business like that so you’re not lazy.

You’re not lazy if you’re not doing something you don’t know. It’s reckless to do something that you’re not good at unless you learn about it first.

You’re not lazy if you hire someone to help you. For example you know about your products but not really know about marketing so you need help from an expert to do marketing for you. Any efforts to increase your sales is not lazy.

No one should call you lazy if someone or something stop or hold you from doing business. Example ; Your business is selling homemade food.

The kitchen exploded while you were busy cooking. You didn't die in the blast but were seriously injured. After seeing cctv footage at your home, the kitchen in your house was blown up by your competitor. 

After that incident, you can't cook for a few weeks. Is that lazy? Of course not.

Lazy is when you’re healthy, you have the time, ability and no one to stop you but you still don’t want to do it.

5 ways you can prevent laziness are :

1. Set specific goals
Set small goals for yourself and break them down into smaller tasks so it's easier to achieve them.

Create a "to do" list for each day so you know what needs to be done. If you find that there are tasks that need more time or energy to spend, just focus on the tasks that require less energy first.

This way you'll be able to see your progress and stay motivated.

2. Wake up early
Get up early if it feels impossible to stay awake during the day. Take care of your sleep schedule so you can have better energy levels during the day.

3. Exercise regularly
Exercise regularly so you have more energy during the day and less time for slacking off.

4. Abandon useless activities
Stop doing useless activities such as wild parties, drunkenness, watching pornography, taking drugs and any negative activities.

If you spend too much time on playing video games, you will feel lazy to do anything else. Trust me because I've done it before.

There is nothing wrong if you want to play video games. Nowadays you can even play games without console or computer. There are many free games can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

You can play games to reduce your stress but don't play them for too long. Too much playing games on smartphone is not good for your eyes.

5. Seeks knowledge
Ask people who know more about your problem. If you can't find smart people near you, you can search for them on Quora.

Quora is an online platform to ask question and connect with people who contribute quality answers.

If you get the answer for your problems, you might get motivated to finish your tasks diligently.

No More Excuses
You already know how to get rid of laziness so it's time for you to shine in your business.