A Different Way of Motivation For You

Not all people would be motivated with the same motivational quotes.

Different motivation is still a motivation
Sometime being different is not your fault.

Some people prefer motivation quotes by famous people in ancient era. Famous people such as professor, actor, director, warrior and any of them have their own influence.

Some people prefer the latest motivational quotes. That doesn't mean they can't be motivated by old motivational quotes. They just need something new based on their situation in the new tesla rocket era.

Some people could be easily motivated by watching motivational video. Video is more engaging and more memorable than text or picture.

Some people need motivation from their family. It's hard for them to be motivated by someone else since they trust their family more than anyone else.

That's why you need different kind of motivation to improve yourself.

Read on these :
"I can do it!"
"I will do it!"
"I must do it!"
"I have to do it!"
"I'm doing it!"

Which one is better for you?

To me is "I must do it!"

When I feel lazy, I push myself to make it happen. I told myself that I must do it!

Some motivator might tell you that "I'm doing it!" is better than "I will do it!". The reason could be the word 'will do it' is you're about to make a progress but 'doing it' is you're making a progress.

Agree to disagree or disagree to agree?

You need to motivate yourself by saying good thing about yourself.
"If he can do it, I can do it too."
"There's no way I can't be successful."
"Business is tough but I'm tougher!"
"I'm the best salesperson in New York."

Saying good thing about yourself could motivate you to get what you want.

Do not brag but make it a fact.

How about these sentences?
"I'm not good enough."
"I think I can't do it."
"Getting my first million dollars is impossible."

Is that negative thought?

Do you know that words could be your or someone else motivation?

When you feel that you're weak, you give more effort to be strong. You push yourself to the limit to get what you want. That's motivation!

You deny yourself for being weak. Each time you feel bad about yourself, you try really hard to deny it by giving more effort to do the opposite.

When you feel you can't do it, you deny it by forcing yourself to do it.

When you feel it can't be achieved, you deny it by trying really hard to achieve it.

When you feel you can't do anything to get what you want, you deny it by doing anything you can to get what you want.

Anyway not all people would be motivated with "I'm not good enough."

One man's negative is another man's positive.

Some of you may get motivated by asking yourself these :
"What happen if I don't take it seriously?"
"Why I'm still like this?"
"How can I get what I want?"
"Am I a loser?"
"What can I do for my wife?"

You're questioning your own abilities. Those question could be your motivation triggers.

You answer your own question by striving for excellence.

Let's have some example here.

A single mom might motivate herself to get the needs of her children. She is willing to suffer pain and fatigue to get more money for her kids.

Her kid's success is her success too.

A motivated mom is greater than a motivated dad.

I don't mean to underestimate dad's motivation but mom is the one who feel the hardship of 9 months pregnant and give birth. Therefore mom's relationship with child is very special.

A motivation for a single lonely guy is different. Since he don't have any kid to care, his motivation would be different compared to a single mom.

His goal could be buying a new superbike, a new house, a new car, a new smartphone or any expensive thing for himself.

Other than that, a lonely guy can be motivated by his dream to find the right woman to be his wife, get a dozen of kids, get a generational wealthy and so on.

What is your motivation?

Look at yourself. Look around you. Search on internet. Searching for your own successful life.